Morava Glass Studio was featured in an episode of HGTV's Great Rooms with Meg Caswell. Our pair of cabinet doors was seen incorporated into the media center.

Summary from the HGTV website: "With its concrete features, brick walls, and open floor plan, Heather and Tony's condo is the ideal space for a couple of free-spirited artists. But they're ready to move onto the next stage of their life and replace or update their cheap furniture bought on the internet, as well as find a home for all their artistic pieces. Since they're about to be married, Meg is going to start them off on their new life together by creating a more sophisticated and cohesive design throughout the loft, but still have it reflect their fun and funky side. A custom-built loft with wood pillars, a trip to an auction house, and a visit to a local glass artist will result in some of the unique furnishings that will create the Bohemian look they love." Our studio worked closely with Meg and the carpenter to achieve the correct color palette, look and size to fit into the custom-made sliding doors.

Morava Glass Studio has had work featured in quite a few media outlets.

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