Custom Design

Morava Glass Studio specializes in creating new stained glass panels that are designed according to the needs of the client. We have access to any variety of glass from opalescent to transparent, including beveled glass and even hand-blown rondels. The panels are made to be installed into any size or shape of window or door, including transoms, sidelites, skylights, and cabinets. For our clients with energy-efficient windows, our panels can be installed in front of double pane thermally insulated window units. For more examples of our new work, see the For Sale section of the site.

Also, we are able to replicate windows from existing windows or photographs of missing windows. We often do this for those who have additions to their house, or if a historic property has been altered.

We coordinated with the designer and hot glass shop to create this installation of windows at Marion Street Cheese Market, in Oak Park, IL. This wall of glass faces the sidewalk, but the choice of heavily textured bubble glass obscures the view while letting light in.