Since they are a part of daily use, oftentimes lamps need to be repaired. We can do this by edge-gluing a broken piece, slumping glass to replace a piece, soldering broken joints, or correcting the overall shape of the lamp by coaxing pieces back into plane.

As described in a few captions below, Morava Glass Studio is often commissioned to make replicas of lampshades or sconces for restoration purposes.

A Frank Lloyd Wright design

Frank Lloyd Wright replica

A few pieces were missing when this Tiffany lampshade was brought in. Morava Glass Studio was able to match and replace them.

This George W. Maher light fixture was missing the dome. Using an old photopraph and a few measurements of the existing fixture, Morava Glass Studio was able to recreate it.

Old photographs showed this lamp existed in Frank Lloyd Wright's Heurtley House, though the original lamp was nowhere to be found. A few measurements were obtained by using scale calculations from the original photos, and this lamp was made.