Professional History

• Senior Digital   Publishing Specialist

• Imaging Tech
• Scanner Operator
• Color Darkroom   Printer


• Color Darkroom   Printer
• Lab Supervisor




"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Jane for the last ten years. Jane has a very broad base of knowledge of Digital Imaging skills in Print, Digital Print and Multimedia. Jane was always eager to take on new challenges and quick to absorb the needed knowledge. I am sure that Jane will be a key asset to any company that
hires her."

Robert Handago, Director of Digital Imaging, Pearson (colleague) my manager

"I have worked side by side with Jane for the last 8 years. Jane is a very skilled Photoshop retoucher with excellent color correcting skills. She is a highly productive worker on a daily basis. Her skills range from digital to print. Always wanting to do her part and step up and take on new skills and responsibilities. Willing to stay late to work on a project or put in personal time to learn a new skill. She helped take the Pearson Imaging Centers from a Photoshop image retouching department to a department offering 23 different services. Jane has good customer relationship skills and is a loyal team player!"
Mark Kregger, Pearson Imaging Centers Glenview/Indianapolis Site Supervisor, Pearson (colleague) supervisor

"Jane's work is always superior. She manipulates our image requests precisely and quickly. Her work is extremely professional. In addition, she is a pleasure to interact with, always helpful, courteous, and upbeat."
Heather Cooper, Senior Image Researcher, Pearson (colleague)

"During her employment of many years at Gamma Imaging, I found her to be very knowledgeable in her duties in our Color Department. Additionally, she was always very cooperative to do additional work or help out wherever her capabilities could be used. Jane was loyal, willing, pleasant, on-time, and for lack of better words one heck of a good employee. I would not hesitate to hire her again or recommend her."
Ben Lavitt, President of Gamma Photo, retired